Brisbane in a flash

I admit. There was only one reason that I wanted to go to Brisbane. I wanted to cuddle a koala. In New South Wales, you can pet koalas but you can’t hold them. Brisbane is in Queensland where it’s still legal to hold a koala. I figured that the laws would catch up in Queensland eventually and this might be my only chance. I still got flack from Chris and others about making a special trip just to Brisbane for this reason.

View from hotel room. Another Hilton. Ugh.

We arrived in Brisbane on a Wednesday afternoon and left late on Thursday night. Very short trip. We didn’t have much time to do much. The first day/night we walked around the area surrounding our hotel (Hilton) and had dinner at Italian restaurant at the Eagle Pier which overlooks their famous bridge. Dinner was meh.

Brisbane's Story Bridge

Thursday morning, we headed to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary for the koala cuddle! I was excited. Chris was appeasing me. But, we saw more than just koalas.

Me and Otto. He's so cute!! But, he's not as soft as you'd think. He felt like a wiry-haired dog. His claws look way more menacing than they really are.

Preparing for the cuddle. The trainer had to stand on her tiptoes to position Otto on Chris.

Chris thought Otto smelled bad. I think he smelled like eucalyptus.

Wombat! I wish I could cuddle him.

Super cool 'roo

Red kangaroo with her joey. Cuteness factor is off the charts.

I'm no kangaroo expert but this joey was a little too big for the pouch. I know a momma's boy when I see one.

Koalas are kinda boring animals. They just sit in trees and sleep. They're no pandas, I can tell you that.

Boring but adorable!

Largest Australian lizard: Perentie.

After the koala cuddles, we ate some burgers and fries. Walked around a mall. Went to an Australian Target at said mall (it was like a JCPenny in that they only had clothes, shoes, and bedding – no food, no pharmacy, no toiletries, etc.). Ate some ice cream. Hung out at the Hilton Executive Lounge. Left for the airport around 5:30 pm.



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